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Product Name:High Pressure Valves
Product Code:High Pressure Valves
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SC Hydraulic Engineering Corp. manufactures a vast array of air operated hydraulic pumps and boosters. We have supplied hydraulic pumps and boosters to many industries and OEM's, and we continue to find new and interesting uses for our pumps.

High Pressure Valves
70-1008A000 Air Sequence Valve
  • The 70-1008A000 valve was designed to be plumbed between the air supply FRL assembly and the air drive inlet port on SC 10-4, 10-5 and 10-6 series pumps. The valve is normally closed with a field adjustable opening pressure between 25 psig and 100 psig. The pump cycles only when necessary conserving energy and extending pump life.

Unloading Valves
  • The 20-400 series unloading valves are available in four operating pressures from 6,000 psig up to 30,000 psig. used to automatically release hydraulic pressure replacing the standard manual shut off type release valve found in most high pressure systems.

  • The unloading valve is controlled by a pilot port that requires between 35 and 50 psig to fully open.

Relief Valves
  • The 20-500 series adjustable hydraulic relief valves are available in five pressure ranges between 100 psig and 60,000 psig. Constructed of Stainless steel the valves can be used for most industrial fluids including water. The valve once set will not allow system pressure to exceed design limitations.

Inline Check Valves
  • The CV series inline check valves are available in four port sizes from 1/4" NPT to 1" NPT and are rated up to 15,000 psig working pressure. Constructed of Stainless steel for use with water as well as most industrial fluids.

  • The CV series check valve is a simple and effective component allowing fluid to flow in one direction only.

High Pressure Valves-High Pressure Valves
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