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Product Name:Gas Boosters and Systems
Product Code:Gas Boosters and Systems
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SC Hydraulic Engineering Corp. manufactures a vast array of air operated hydraulic pumps and boosters. We have supplied hydraulic pumps and boosters to many industries and OEM's, and we continue to find new and interesting uses for our pumps.

Gas Boosters and Systems
  • SC Hydraulic Engineering's gas boosters are available in four ratios: 5:1, 15:1, 30:1, and 75:1 in single-acting/single-stage, double-acting/single-stage, and single-acting/two-stage.  In addition, double air drive models are available for effective boosting ratios of 60:1 and 150:1 in single and two-stage configurations.

  • The gas boosters are used to intensify a variety of gases including argon, helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen.  Some common uses with a booster or booster system are to scavenge bottled gases once the pressure has fallen below operational requirements, pressure testing vessels, laser cutting, aircraft ground support equipment and injection molding.

  • Inlet gas supply pressures can be as low as 50 psig and outlet pressures up to 25,000 psi.   Selection assistance is always available by calling, faxing, or e-mailing your request to our Sales and Engineering Department. 

Gas Boosters and Systems-Gas Boosters and Systems
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