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Product Name:Air Boosters and Systems
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SC Hydraulic Engineering Corp. manufactures a vast array of air operated hydraulic pumps and boosters. We have supplied hydraulic pumps and boosters to many industries and OEM's, and we continue to find new and interesting uses for our pumps.

Air Boosters and Systems
AB2 and AB4 Compact Air Boosters
  • Available in ratios 1.7:1 and 3.7:1 these compact boosters fitting a 4" x 7" silhouette are designed for mounting at the end use.  Once connected to your existing plant air they will boost the pressure to almost double or quadruple times the line pressure.  Attaining pressures up to 555 psig (AB-4) to provide efficient power for clamping, holding and leveling or any low flow, high pressure applications.

ABD Series Double Acting Air Boosters
  • The ABD series of double acting air boosters are available in two ratios 2:1 and 5:1 to take existing plant air and boost pressure by the corresponding ratio.  The ABD boosters operate on the same principal as our AB boosters, but are capable of much higher flows.  The ABD series can boost pressures up to 855 psig (ABD-5) and can be easily adapted for use with common industrial gases.

S10320-AB-2 or -4 Series Air Booster System
  • The S10320 Series system packages an AB-2 or AB-4 compact  air booster, air filter/regulator with lockout and gauge, shut off valve and pressure gauge, and  200 cubic inch receiver.  All the components are plumbed as a turnkey system and mounted on a steel powder-coated frame.  Just connect a supply line from your existing plant air and run the pressure line from the receiver outlet to the end use and the system is fully operational.  This unit provides up to 555 psig air pressure stored in the receiver for any end use needing minimal flow and more pressure than your compressor can supply.  Contact your local distributor or our sales office for sizing assistance if needed.

S10320-ABD-2 Series Air Booster System
  • This booster system incorporates the ABD-2 double acting 2:1 ratio air booster, 15 gallon ASME 290 psig receiver and all necessary components and plumbing onto a heavy duty skid. This unit, when connected to plant air supply, will double the pressure and store it in the receiver.  The system includes an inlet air filter, reservoir gauge, and outlet regulator with gauge.  Applications requiring higher than plant air pressure or quick spurts of high pressure flow are easily handled with this system.  Contact your local distributor or our sales office for assistance in sizing or for custom systems.

S10320-ABD-5 Series Air Booster System
  • The S10320-ABD-5 system incorporates our double acting 5:1 ratio air booster and a 600 psig ASME 5 gallon receiver.  The unit will increase existing shop air to over five times the pressure supplied by the compressor.  The boosted air is stored in a 5 gallon receiver for end uses requiring up to 600psig.  A filter/regulator with shut-off and gauge is supplied for the inlet side along with a high-pressure dual gauge regulator for the receiver outlet.   Contact your local distributor or our sales office for assistance in sizing or custom systems.


Air Boosters and Systems-Air Boosters and Systems
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