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Product Name:Precision Fluid Dispensers
Product Code:Precision Fluid Dispensers
Product description:

Nordson EFD precision fluid dispensers provide much greater control than the squeeze bottles, swabs and hand syringes often used in manual assembly processes.

Nordson EFD offers a wide range of fluid dispensing equipment that can help you dispense glue and virtually any other assembly fluid with precision – from thin solvents to thick silicones and brazing pastes – quickly, accurately, and with no waste or hand fatigue.

Types of Fluid Dispensers

  • Basic manual dispensers for light assembly and field work
  • Air powered benchtop dispensers that eliminate guesswork by using air pressure and microprocessor-based timers to produce accurate, consistent shots
  • Positive displacement dispensers that make repeatable deposits of epoxies and other fluids that change viscosity
  • Tabletop, automatic dispensing robots for cost-effective automation

Precision Fluid Dispensers-Precision Fluid Dispensers
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