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Product Name:O-Rings
Product Code:AS568
Product description:

AS568* Standard O-Rings
Apple Rubber offers the seal industry's largest inventory of O-rings including every standard AS568* size, including I.D.'s from 1/32" (.794mm) to 26" (66.04cm), O.D.'s from 3/32" (2.38mm) to 26-1/2" (67.31cm) and cross sections (widths) from 1/32" (.794mm) to 1/4" (6.35mm). We also carry a wide variety of metrics and non-standard sizes. Most likely the size and compound you require is in our stock of over 300,000,000 O-rings. Our O-ring inventory is constantly restocked to assure immediate delivery of any size in large or small quantities.

Simplified Reference Easy to Order: 
Our Quick Reference Guide has all the information you need at a glance. All sizes are listed by ascending inside diameter (I.D.) in fractional AND decimal sizes. Standard AS-568* Uniform Numbering System (Order by a single number).

Choice of Seven Materials as Standard: 
We offer rubber compounds and options of Durometer hardness to satisfy practically any service condition. Check with our sales staff for other material needs.

General Applications
O-Rings from Apple Rubber are available in a choice of seven basic materials each in a range of optional Durometer (Shore A) Hardnesses. Other materials available upon request.

  • Buna-N: In the Buna-N family, you will find compounds which are ideally suited for oil resistant applications of all types.

  • Ethylene-Propylene: In the Ethylene-Propylene family, you will find compounds that are used extensively for outdoor, weather resistant uses, water appliances. The first choice for low torque drive belts.

  • Silicone: In the Silicone family, you will find compounds which are excellent as static seals in extreme temperature conditions.

  • Cast Polyurethane: In the Cast Polyurethane family, you will find compounds which are used predominantly in high hydraulic pressure applications and situations where highly stressed parts are subject to wear.

  • Neoprene®: In the Neoprene family, you will find compounds which are the superior sealing materials for the refrigeration industry featuring resistance to ammonia and Freon®.

  • Fluorocarbon: In the Fluorocarbon family, you will find compounds which make-up the preferred seals for aircraft engines, automotive fuel handling systems and hard vacuum service.

  • Fluorosilicone: In the Fluorosilicone family, you will find compounds which make-up seals that are unparalleled for aerospace fuel systems and auto fuel emission control systems. All materials are compounded under stringent quality control for uniformity of physical properties, and to meet or exceed Government, Military, Space Program, Automotive, F.D.A., Industrial and Commercial specifications.

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